UGREEN USB Extension and 4 Port Hub

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UGREEN USB Extension and 4 Port Hub

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UGREEN USB Extension and 4 Port Hub


Hey, Tefen here from Tefen’s Tech and this is a review on the UGREEN USB Extension Cable + 4 Port Hub. Basically it is a 36ft USB extension cable for USB 2.0 and a 4 port hub. The packaging is fairly ecofriendly and minimal. Included is the extension cable with the hub attached to it.

The nice thing about it is that it has a signal booster. It will help make sure that the signal quality is still adequate to work with your device even with the long length of the cord. It features a port on the back that you can plug in a 5V adapter. A link to purchase it can be found below. It is available along with the device itself via Amazon.

The adapter that is sold for this unit looks like it is very good quality for an adapter of its type as it include many safety features not often found in similar models. For the quality and safety I would suggest using their 5V adapter instead of a 3rd party’s.

In the video you can see a sample of it functioning by testing it with a PC fan(5V) as well as a controller adapter at the same time. As a USB 2.0 device it obviously does not work with USB 3.0. I would also not try using it as an extension for USB charging that uses greater then 5V, such as Quick Charge 3.0 that uses 9V & 12V.

Overall it is a great quality product for what it is designed for so long as you don’t have a problem with the USB hub being attached to the cable. Below you will find links to the device, its adapter, and the video review.

UGREEN USB Extension Cable + 4 Port Hub
UGREEN AC to DC 5v Adapter

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