1STPLAYER DK 5.0 LITE - Review

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1STPLAYER DK 5.0 LITE - Review

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1STPLAYER DK 5.0 LITE - Review
Buy from Amazon.ca: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08GLCWZP9
Product Page: http://www.1stplayer.com/productdetails/id/38.html

The keyboard I’ll be reviewing today is the DK5.0 Lite from 1STPLAYER. This product is aimed at the lower entry level priced market at a price of only ~$50 CAD with the use of a $5 off coupon on Amazon.ca(prices may vary). I will take a look into what we can expect and what are the specs.

As per will be my usual moving forward I have put together 50 plus various specs, some of which I’ve given ratings. If you see NA that means that it’s not applicable. I urge you to take into consideration each of the individual category ratings instead of the overall total because some of them may be of more importance to you than others. For example; you might not be concerned about the cable quality but you do want good lighting options and quality key caps.

Below you will find an image of the 50 plus specs & ratings along with a link to download the .pdf file to view it easier. In the video review I will go over talking about each 1 of them and include a video of the various lighting effects that are included in the software.

Video Review

Specs & Ratings:
http://www.tefenstech.com/pics/techrevi ... s-DK5L.pdf

Next I will share with you the software options available with the software that can be downloaded on their website here: http://www.1stplayer.com/uploads/files/ ... 39f065.zip .

First of all the software allows for up to 3 profiles. Keep in note that the profile names cannot be changed so you will have to remember which is which. Within each of these profiles you can setups different lighting options. There are 11+ different lighting modes available to choose from including a Gaming mode that allows you to select different groups of keys to be lit up while the rest of the keyboard LEDs are left off to make it easier to see your gaming keys. These however are just the sample profiles, these are all customizable profiles that you can change to any different colors for each key. To do this you simply select the Color to the color of your choice and then click on the keys that you want to be that color. Then change the color to another color and select the keys you want to be that color. Repeat this process to change each of the keys to the desired colors. You can also select a color for the Basic color and it will change all the keys that were off (no color/grey) to that color.

Lighting Modes

Custom Per Key RGB LED

The Macros Editor allows you to setup various marcos for your keyboard. It allows you to record key strokes and use functions like repeat. It only records key presses, no mouse information. Below you will see the screenshots of the software showing you the various options available.


I have recorded video of the various lighting options and included the video below. Please keep in mind that not all colors can be accurately recorded by my camera so the video that you see and how it looks in real life are not the same. This is only to give you an idea what the different lighting effects look like.

Here are the highlights:
-The keyboard does a good job at being a solid sturdy TKL keyboard for being made of ABS and at its price point.
-It has decent quality keycaps with good readable font.
-The lighting glows up nicely around the key caps and text is large which allows more lighting.
-It uses decent quality Outemu red switches that allow for a more quiet experience.
-It is spill resistant so that you don’t have to worry about accidents with drinks.
-Logo is very small and in a place that it is hardly noticeable. This is great for people who prefer not to have to see brand logos as this can be annoying for some when the brand logo has LED lights that cannot be turned off.
-The keyboard is a great compact size and very minimalistic.
-The cable is not braided or gold plated.
-The switches are not removable due to being soldered onto the PCB.
-The outside casing is all just ABS and doesn’t have a steel or aluminum exterior.

The DK5.0 Lite from 1STPLAYER does a decent job for being a strong function keyboard for gaming or other heavy use or frequent transportation. It is also spill resistant so there would be less worry about using drinks around it. It is simple while still looking nice and makes for a great small keyboard at a low price. It also features customizable software that allows for per key RGB LED lighting.

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